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Global Listenership = BLESSED!
Starting out, our mission at "God's Music Today!" was simply to reach as many souls as possible for Christ in the little time we have left here in this world. We knew we had the calling, and kind of a plan -  So, with a lot of faith, and a shoestring budget, (we mean a nearly non-existent budget) we stepped up and out on this journey. Little did we know the reach we would have. We could only pray God would bring the listeners, and He did. 

I recall the first email we received, it came from the country of Moldova (I had to look it up), the man wrote to tell us how he was being blessed by what we were doing and thanked us. The second email came from Saudi Arabia, the third one from Russia... and they kept coming, Thailand, Namibia, Brazil, Taiwan, Finland, Japan, Iran...  - ironically the first email from the USA didn't come in until we'd received at least 30 from other countries - we were overjoyed with the responses, but we didn't expect it so quickly

We now have many thousands of listeners from everywhere, We are so very blessed, grateful & so overwhelmed. The beauty of this for us, is that artists from many different genres share the same airwaves and their music & message get exposed as a collective, Contemporary, Praise & Worship, Southern Gospel, Traditional.. It's all God's music, and it is quite the honor to be an instrument of God's message!

We ask everyone to keep praying for each other, as these are tough times for everyone. We also ask for you to keep God's Music Today! in your prayers so we can continue to minister through music to the masses. We don't do donations, nor are we funded by any one other than ourselves, we're just regular folks like you, it's not easy, money is tight, but it is what God asked of us, and He has always  provided the means -

Amen to that.

Keep listening & 

Why Does "God's Music Today!" Play Different Styles of Music?
This is a question we get quite often. The answer is "that's what God directed us to do". There is great music & messages coming from all different styles of Christian Music. We try not to go to the extremes in any direction and we work hard at the blend. We have a large international listenership so we try to offer up the best of all the different genres. We obviously program a lot of the Contemporary Christian artists, but we also play a mix of Traditional Gospel, Southern Gospel, Praise & Worship, Christian Country, World Christian Music and Classic Christian Music. Keeping the balance at times can be challenging, but if you consider the fact that "God doesn't care what style it is, just as long as we're praising His name!" We also don't know who is going to be moved to Christ by something that we've played. God never intended his people to be "divided up", we are one in Christ, music included - a unified sound of Praise!

God's Music Today! - Logo

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Our "Chart" Explained!?
We have been asked this question by many artists, labels & listeners. We have also been approached by several different organizations to become a "Charting Station" - We don't really like Charts, as we believe that all the music we program is important. When you "chart" a song it paints the picture that one artist's message is more important than another. We Prefer to make a list of our most popular requests. Not technical, but it is simply what our listeners have asked to hear.  

Chart Voting Issue?

We totally understand the excitement of fans wanting to have their favorite Artists/Songs recognized. We also know that as an Artist, you want to see that your music ministry is reaching the people for the Lord. We want to assist you in both cases, however we've lately encountered some issues with voting & our chart. We want to keep voting easy & honest. Unfortunately there are some over zealous, well meaning fans, and a few over achieving Artists.   The Rules are very simple, thank for keeping voting simple & fair:

ONE VOTE Per SONG allowed from the same IP address Per voting Cycle. You can vote multiple songs on one Vote Form submission or separately for each. Duplicate votes from the same IP Address for the same Song will not be counted. -  Godspeed - God's Music Today!  

New Phone App for "God's Music Today! - On The Horizon?

We have grown to the point of needing our own Phone App and that is so exciting for us. We thank God for blessing our endeavor - The App is in the process, we don't have a launch date, but we will let you know as soon as we do. The "God's Music Today!" app will be available for free on i-tunes, Google Play, Amazon and most all upload platform stores.


It's quite simple, music meets you where you are in your life. When God is present in the song, the effects are life changing. I personally know first hand the power of music - anointed musicians, singers and songwriters brought me to Christ. Certainly there were authors, teachers, reading the Word and much more - but initially for me, it was the music. Many times, music is God's way of reaching stubborn souls. There is divine power in a song that delivers God's love, and it does meet you where you are. I love all styles. When God is in the music, no explanation is needed. I remember listening to a Christian music group  from China singing in Chinese - I didn't understand what they were saying, but I could feel the depth of where it was coming from, and the Holy Spirit moving.

In these current uncertain times, I believe that as Christians, we will continue to become more and more oppressed and negated  - we are living in dire times and we need to use "all the armor of God to get us through". I consider the Christian Music Artist as being "Spiritual Warriors" playing music on the frontlines in the ongoing battle for the cause of Christ - not unlike preachers, missionaries and the like. Music strengthens, encourages and uplifts. The ultimate goal is to support our frontline Warriors for Christ and to bring as many souls to Christ as possible in the short time we have left on this world.

- Godspeed -

Nick Finn - God's Music Today! 

God's Music Today! - Logo
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Mark 16:15 -  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

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