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What's Up?

"God's Music Today!" | 24/7 Christian Music Radio

A Little More About 

* We do not play ads.  Samaritan's Purse & Tunnels 2 Towers promos are free to them.

*  If the song is not Christ centered,

we don't play it.


* We play only music 24/7 - 365 


* We don't entertain radio promoters 

* We have no revenue other than ourselves

* We are Non-denominational Christians

*  We believe awards are for God to hand out


*  We reserve the right to determine what is broadcast on God's Music Today!   

God's Music Today! - Logo
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Our Sister Station Launches
"Simply Southern Gospel"

Our sister station the BGM Life Network, has launched new music programming entitled "Simply Southern Gospel" - playing a mix of Today's Hits & Yesterdays Classics. The BGM Life Network is home to the popular "Some Thru The Fire/with Host Susan Ladd", "Dr. Steve McCuin/FYI For Your Inspiration" & "The Billy Graham Classics", all 30 minute daily presentations, but mostly music fills the airwaves, uninterrupted 24/7.  You can check it out the "BGM Life Network" & "Simply Southern Gospel" by clicking on the logos, or by clicking the highlight name links to visit their websites for schedules and how to listen. BGM Life Network streams from LIVE365 Radio. Click Below



We've grown to the point that we have a new Phone App coming soon. We are excited to see how God is working. You will be able to listen from wherever you want on all platforms, it'll be a convenience. We'll keep posted on the progress and when to expect it to be released 

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We get a lot of questions, folks seem curious about how God's Music Today! works. So we decided to address some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you determine your chart positions?

A: It is simply determined by Voting. Our Chart posts the 1st & 15th of the month, cut off is midnight 4 days prior. The vote is tabulated and reported. 

Q: How do you stop people from cheating the system?

A: We have voting software that was adapted for us to scan & remove & index duplicate/multiple votes cast from the same IP Address,  for the same song during the current voting cycle. It's not fool proof, but it does call attention making us aware to watch specific vote entries. We can tell when some tries to manipulate the system.

Q: Why do play so many different styles of music?

A: We try to stay consistent so the music flows and doesn't give you whiplash. We avoid extreme music genre's. we try to play a Christian mix.

Q: How do I get my music to you?

A: Look up. "Submissions" in the navigation will give you the instructions.

Q: Why haven't you responded after I have submitted a song to broadcast?

A: If you submitted through the website (as per our policy), it states there that we will only respond if we choose to add your music to our broadcast,

Q: How can I request music?

A: We are an automated station that runs pre- programmed 24/7 non-stop music, so we are unable to take a request. 

Q: Why are you not playing my song??

A: There could be several reasons:

      1. Doesn't fit our format

      2. Not professional quality

    3. We don't have it/don't know it exists. - if we don't have it we can't play it. It's difficult to chase down songs. 

Q: what if I have a different question?



It's quite simple, music meets you where you are in your life. When God is present in the song, the effects are life changing. I personally know first hand the power of music - anointed musicians, singers and songwriters brought me to Christ. Certainly there were authors, teachers, reading the Word and much more - but initially for me, it was the music. Many times, music is God's way of reaching stubborn souls. There is divine power in a song that delivers God's love, and it does meet you where you are. I love all styles. When God is in the music, no explanation is needed. I remember listening to a Christian music group  from China singing in Chinese - I didn't understand what they were saying, but I could feel the depth of where it was coming from, and the Holy Spirit moving.

In these current uncertain times, I believe that as Christians, we will continue to become more and more oppressed and negated  - we are living in dire times and we need to use "the full Armor of God to get us through". I consider the Christian Music Artist as being "Musical Warriors" playing music on the frontlines in the ongoing battle for the cause of Christ - not unlike preachers, missionaries and the like. Music strengthens, encourages and uplifts. The ultimate goal is to support our frontline Warriors for Christ and to bring as many souls to Christ as possible in the short time we have left on this world.

- Godspeed -

Nick Finn/Director - God's Music Today! 

Mark 16:15 -  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

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