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Chart Insider  -  June 1, 2023

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Most Votes Total:
Ross King/
"Only Side I Take"

Most Domestic Votes (USA):
Caleb & John/
"Hallelujah Feeling" 

Most International Votes:
Ross King/
"Only Side I Take"

Most Commented: 
Stephen Stanley/
"Rest In The Father"

Top New Entry:
Phil Wickham/
"The Jesus Way" - #8

Top Mover:
TrueSong/"Army Of Love"
#23 to #7


#1  Ross King/"Only Side I Take" - Our huge International audience made their voices heard quite loudly this cycle as they moved Ross King/"Only Side I Take" up from #4 to the #1 Position! Congratulations to Ross for writing & delivering such a strong non-apologetic statement... there is no compromise. Ross King/"The Only Side I Take" also garnered both the "Most Votes Total" & "Most International Votes" this cycle. Most of the comments we've received on this song praised the raw lyric and the fact that it is musically unique to the Christian Music market. One comment in particular came from Rhanna Hammond of Sydney, Australia who summed it up this way; "It (Only Side I Take) cuts deep, stands firm in it's conviction and doesn't sound like everything else"  We happen to concur with Rhanna.

#2  Ryan Stevenson/"Able" - "Able" held on to the #2 slot for a second cycle. This former #1 song is not going away anytime soon, in fact it nearly took the #1 slot again -  The votes were really tight again this cycle.  Ryan Stevenson has been able to tap into our international listeners a bit more this cycle, which reflects how the song has remained at #2  even with all the movement around it. Folks are still loving this song, we see a lot of  comments with words like; "powerful", "encouraging" & "uplifting". "Able"  received more votes in this cycle than it did when it was #1, but we have a lot more voters voting these days, which is a good thing for everyone involved, and most importantly the Cause of Christ.

#3  Caleb & John/"Hallelujah Feeling"  - so, that "Hallelujah Feeling" surprisingly got bumped this cycle from their perch at #1 to #3, but it's not because the votes went down, exactly the opposite, voting for this song substantially increased, but like we said earlier, the folks voting has also increased substantially! The good news is, Caleb & John's  popularity is soaring, so they are in a great position to remain in the top tier. Just a note that little more than 3 dozen votes separated the top 3 songs this cycle.

#4  Andrew Ripp/"For The Love Of God- this song entered the chart last cycle at #14, impressively it moved ten spots this cycle to take the #4 slot. There was strong voting for this song this cycle. With all the heavy voting, it's hard to predict what's going to happen, but without a doubt, "For The Love Of God" is quite a worthy contender to keep the steady momentum. 

#5  Stephen Stanley/"Rest In The Father -  "Rest In The Father" is not only the #5 song, but it took the "Most Commented" this cycle.  This is an absolutely beautiful offering from Stephen Stanley solidly jumping 5 spots rounding out our top 5 songs.  This song definitely has garnered a lot of attention and is on an upward projection. Nona Calista of Nassau Bahamas shared " this song ("Rest In The Father"), leaves my heart and soul at peace, yet causes them to rejoice in praise at the same time!" Yes To that!


Top Entry - Phil Wickham/The Jesus Way“  entered the chart at #8.

Top Mover - TrueSong/Army Of Love moved from #23 to #7.

* Our Chart is based solely on votes from listeners all around the world - Thank you to all the 'Musical Warriors' that fight daily from the frontlines for the cause of Christ, and thank you to all our listeners around the globe, you have many, many choices, thanks for choosing  "God's Music Today! -  Godspeed


#8 -Phil Wickham/The Jesus Way"
#13 - Katy Nichole/"Hold On"
#14 - Phil King/"Heaven, Heaven"
#17 - Shirah Brothers/"The Day The Lamb Died
#18 - Melanie Waldman/"Believe"
#23 - The Sound/"All Things"
#24 - Matthew West/"You Changed My Name"
#29 - Riley Clemmons/"Loved By You"
#30 - Jake Fretz/"Look Up

* "Most Requested/Charts" are compiled, and then posted the 1st & the 15th of each month - All Votes must be in 3 days prior to the current cycle, late voted will carry over to the next cycle.

Bubbling Under The 30

Apollo LTD/"Living Proof"
Housefires/"I Thank God"
CAIN/"Any More"
Caleb Stanton/You're With Me
Cochren & Co./ "By Our Love"
DOE/"Lead Us Again"

Jason Crabb/"Do It For You"

Jonathan Traylor/"The King Is On The Way"
Joseph Habedank/"Judas"

Matt Hammitt/"Church Hurt"
Rachael Lampa & Andrew Ripp/"Somebody To You"


NOTE: We here at "God's Music Today!" don't really like Charts. We believe that each song is important in that "if it touches one soul, it's the best song ever!". Every musical creation that has been created to uplift, praise and promote the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is a winner to us. With that said, we rank our current list by the "most requested songs" compiled through emails & texts from all over the world. So it's important when reviewing the Artists & Songs listed,  that you consider all different cultures, the different styles of preferred music, and most importantly the message it brings - No, it's not technical, simply, it is what our listeners like.     

Mark 16:15 -  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

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