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Voting for this Cycle was UP 23% from the previous cycle


55% International Votes
45% Domestic Votes

Chart Insights

God's Music Today! - Smiley Fish

Top Votes Total:
The Sound/

"Peace Is" - #1

Top Domestic Votes (USA):
The Sound/

"Peace Is" - #1

Top International Votes:
Amanda Janson/

"Beauty In My Praise" - #2

Top Commented: 
The Sound/

"Peace Is" - #1

Top Mover:
We Just Need Jesus" -
#34 to #20 (+14 points) 

Top New Entry:
Nicole Norton / "Smoke" - #31


#31 - Nicole Norton /

#32 - Mack Brock /

#36 - CAIN /
"Made For Heaven"

#38 - for King & Country -
feat Michael W. Smith /
"Place In This World"

#39 - Chris McQuistion /
"See Me Through It"

#40- Consumed By Fire / "Time In The Water"

Who's Bubbling

Under The Top 40

After Grace
"Love Doesn't"

Alive City & One Common

Brandon Heath
"The Gospel Truth"

Brien Connelly
"So Good To Me"

Caleb & John
"Nothing But The Goodness"

CeCe Winans
"That's My King"

Greg Cronin
"Something New"

Hannah Kerr

Jordan St. Cyr
"Something Greater"

"Middle Of Nowhere"

Phil Wickham
Isn't He Good

Riley Clemmons
"Jesus Cries"

We Are Messengers
"A Thousand Times"

"My Praise"

Songs Resurging

Avenue/"It Takes Jesus"
Ryan Stevenson/"I Cry Jesus"

Ellie Holcomb/"Color"
MercyMe/"To Not Worship You"
Phil King/"Heaven, Heaven"
SouthBound/"Somebody Testify"
Matthew West/"My Story, Your Glory"

TrueSong/"Army Of Love"
Meredith Andrews/"God Of The Living"

* Our Chart is based solely on votes from listeners all around the world - Thank you to all the 'Musical Warriors' that fight daily from the frontlines for the cause of Christ, and thank you to all our listeners around the globe, you have many, many choices, thanks for choosing "God's Music Today!"  -  Godspeed

Chart Insider For - MARCH 1, 2024











CLOSER LOOK - TOP 5 of the TOP 40

God's Music Today! - Smiley Fish
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We had a record amount of Votes this cycle, so all the new votes stirred the pot. CONGRATULATIONS to The Sound/”Peace is” for sneaking up the chart to take the #1 position this cycle on God’s Music Today! (In just 8 Weeks on the chart). After a 4-week stint at a strong #1,  Amanda Janson/"Beauty In My Praise" drops one point to the # 2 spot. Jack Cassidy/”Song Of Victory" surged into the #3 position. Jordan St Cyr dropped to #4 with “Life Before You, and Caleb & John moved three slots into the #5 spot with “Missing Jesus” rounding out our Top Five.

So, we had a record number of votes this cycle and it showed as things changed up all over the chart.  Our Top Mover this cycle was the new release by Terrian/”Honestly We Just Need Jesus” made a +14-point jump to #20 from #34, other notable movers were AOH/”Praise To You” jumped +11 points to #24, and the new single release from Justin Warren/”Come Back Home” is on fire as it jumped +11 more points from #17 to #6  (all in just 4 weeks), giving him a perfect chance to strike at that top spot. Our Top Total Votes & Top Domestic Votes & Top Commented were all secured by The Sound/”Peace Is” this cycle. Top International Votes went to Amanda Janson/”Beauty In My Praise” again this chart. Top New Entry went to Nicole Norton/”Smoke” at #31, this song had a very strong entry. Five other great new entries found their way onto the chart this cycle;  Mack Brock/”Magnify” at (#32), CAIN/”Made For Heaven” at (#36), for God & Country feat Michael W. Smith/”Place In This World” at (#38), Chris McQuistion/”See Me Through it” at (#39) & Consumed By Fire/”Time In The Water” at (#40).

Reminder to everyone voting to please read the instructions so your vote will count.  Thank you to all of our listeners for tuning in & participating and thank you to all the Musical Warriors for being out there on the frontlines for Christ, it is an honor to share your music with the masses  -  Now onto the TOP FIVE / “Closer Look” for March 1, 2024!   - Godspeed/GMT

#1  The Sound / "Peace is"    

CONGRATULATIONS to The Sound/”Peace Is” for moving to the #1 spot this cycle. The amazing thing is The Sound did this in only 8 weeks on the chart. “Peace Is” immediately became a heavily voted for song. The comments were strong and plentiful. The song seemed to have had a far-reaching effect on our listeners. “Peace Is” is a slow and deliberate song, with a beautiful melody, powerful Lyric, and of course the unparalleled harmonies of The Sound. The Sound is so musically versatile, you never know what to expect, we just know it's going to be really good.  Manny Trevey of Shreveport, LA USA wrote: “I loved the presentation, it was quiet and powerful at the same time, caught me by surprise” – Larry Hampstead of Jacksonville FL USA said: “my life was in pieces, and he showed me what real peace is, Amen”  -  Colleen McKelvey of Dublin Ireland shared: “this song is one deep prayer & meditation with my Lord, I love this song”-  Sometimes the simplicity of a song and the expression of the artists delivery makes a song exceptionally powerful, God’s Music Today feels The Sound did all the above, and then some – Learn more about The Sound by visiting their website:

#2  Amanda Janson / "Beauty In My Praise"   -  ( 4 Weeks @ #1)

We’ve said so much about Amanda Janson/“Beauty In My Praise over the last couple months, we kind of feel like were repeating ourselves. We’ll just say… nah, since we agree with our listeners, we’ll just let our listeners express their opinions instead: Donna Fletcher of Troy NY USA said: “Amanda sure sparkles in this song, one of her best” – Pete Massiotti of Dayton OH USA shared: “I can’t help but say great things about “Beauty In My Praise”, it is a great recording, your listeners were right to vote it #1, I was one of them!” -  Missy A. of Littleton CO USA: “I’m 14, and I’m an aspiring CCM singer, and if I could be half as good as Amanda Janson, I’d be so happy, she is beautiful inside and out, and such a voice” -  Mikal Olesky of Warsaw Poland added: One of the best songs I’ve heard in a while, she is outstanding!”  We’ve found that Amanda Janson is sincere, humble, and obviously devout to her love for Christ. As long as we’ve been playing her music now, she is quick to congratulate her fellow artists, quick to be grateful to the listeners, and without hesitation gives god all the Glory. God has great plans for Amanda.  Learn more about Amanda Janson, and by visiting:

#3  Jack Cassidy / "Song Of Victory"


Moving up two spots to#3 this cycle is Jack Cassidy/”Song Of Victory”. The hope in this song is that it moves beyond the pain. The urgency in the vocal, that moves in between the hope, the pain, and the joy, “Song Of Victory” makes a stirring statement.  Jack Cassidy makes sure to lead us to Jesus, even in the darkest of nights, Jesus, is the answer.  “Song Of Victory” again rivaled The Sound/”Peace Is” for the Top Commented this cycle. In fact, there were several folks that shared some touching stories, and some that even became closer to Christ in their walk because of this song, it is powerful. Rob Cochren of Weaverville CA USA shared: “Lately I’ve struggled a lot, and sometimes I forget that it’s not me who’s in charge, I heard “Song Of Victory” and it turned me back to Jesus, a learning moment” – Randi King of Knoxville TN USA said: This song brought me to tears of joy, just soothed my heart. Thank you for playing so much great music” – Steven Kennedy of Pensacola, FL USA wrote: “Jesus spoke directly to me through Jack Cassidy’s voice. I felt the Holy Spirit cover me and I felt complete peace, one of those unforgettable spiritual moments”. God’s Music Today! felt this song was anointed and was  simply powerful – To learn more about Jack Cassidy, visit his Facebook page:

#4  Jordan St. Cyr / "Life Before You"

Dropping two spots to #4 is Jordan St. Cyr/"Life Before You". This song has been on our chart for 16 weeks now, still in the Top Five. We can always count on Jordan St. Cyr to bring us top quality music. in fact, his new single “Something Greater” is currently bubbling right under our Top 40, at #41 to be exact. We’re quite sure it will make a big appearance on the March 15, 2024 Chart cycle. Many of our comments this cycle dealt with what life was like before they knew Jesus. Caroline Leighton of Scottsville KY USA wrote: “this song always causes me to reflect on where I came from and the victory of where I am now, fantastic song” – Evan Blankenship of Houston TX USA said: “this could be my story told by me, thank you Jesus”  -  Francine Harnett of Union PA USA added: I love Jordan St. Cyr, he has the ability to speak to clearly God’s truth” – Trudy Pearlman of Newport RI USA shared: “thanks to His mercy & grace, I no longer care to remember my life without Jesus” – To learn more about Jordan St. Cyr, his tour schedule, new music and what he’s up to , visit Jordan’s website at:

#5  Caleb & John / "Missing Jesus


Rounding out our Top Five this cycle goes to Caleb & John/”Missing Jesus” as they jump three spots to #5. “Missing Jesus” entered our charts way back on December 1, 2023 at #37, incidentally their song “Somebody Like Me” was holding the #1 spot at that time on the Top 40 chart. On December 15, 2023 Chart  the song moved to the #31 position. Usually when an artist has a #1 and then another releases, it moves a little slower. On January 1, 2024 “Missing Jesus” moved to #23. January 15, 2024 saw “Missing Jesus” move to #14 as it passed there former #1 song “Somebody Like Me” drop to #26. On February 1, 2024 “Missing Jesus” made a modest 2 point move to #12. February 15, 2024 saw the song move to the #8 spot, and on March 1, 2024 “Missing Jesus moved to #5. The 12-week journey set Caleb & John on a path to the top again. They’ve been there before; they just might visit again. Caleb & John have a huge following, and they’ve been voting quite steadily, the other artists around them should beware and let their fan base know they need to vote, because Caleb & John just breached the Top Five!  To learn more about this dynamic duo, their tour schedule, and all the happenings,  visit their brand-new website at:

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* "Top 40 Charts" are compiled, Tabulated and then posted the 1st & the 15th of each month -
All Votes must be in 4 days prior the 1st & 15th of each cycle - Late votes will carry over to the next cycle. GMT

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NOTE: We here at "God's Music Today!" don't really like Charts. We believe that each song is important in that "if it touches one soul, it's the best song ever!". Every musical creation that has been created to uplift, praise and promote the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is a winner to us. With that said, we rank our current list by the "most requested songs" compiled through emails & texts from all over the world. So it's important when reviewing the Artists & Songs listed,  that you consider all different cultures, the different styles of preferred music, and most importantly the message it brings - No, it's not technical, simply, it is what our listeners like.     

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What Happened To That Song???  - It’s a question that we’ve been getting lately. Simply,  the Chart positions are all listener controlled - with that said, the most common reason for a song to fall down or off the chart is that the Artist has multiple releases, and they end up competing with their own songs. Listeners find it difficult deciding which one is their favorite(s) - Listeners can vote for multiple songs by the same artist, but rarely do. We too hate seeing a great song drop or disappear simply because of multiple choices by the same Artist released too closely together -  We hope this answers the question.

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