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Chart Insider  -  October 1, 2023

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Chart Insights

Top Votes Total:
Justin Warren/

"For The Glory Of God"

Top Domestic Votes (USA):
Justin Warren/

"For The Glory Of God"

Top International Votes:
Ross King/"Like Jesus"

Top Commented: 
Evan Craft/

"Good Neighbor"

Top Mover:
Dustin Starks/"Like A Child" 
#28 to #17

Top New Entry:
Tasha Layton/
"I Lay It Down" -  #21

Voter Break Down:
54% International 
45% Domestic (USA)
1% Other

Voting for this Cycle was UP 22% from the previous cycle

* Our Chart is based solely on votes from listeners all around the world - Thank you to all the 'Musical Warriors' that fight daily from the frontlines for the cause of Christ, and thank you to all our listeners around the globe, you have many, many choices, thanks for choosing  "God's Music Today!"  -  Godspeed

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#1  Justin Warren/For The Glory Of God"

CONGRATULATIONS!!! are in order for Justin Warren/"For The Glory Of God" for holding to the #1 position again (4 Weeks @ #1) for this cycle on God’s Music Today’s Top 30. The story here at God’s Music Today! is the incredible journey of Justin Warren’s “For The Glory Of God”. The song debuted on our Top 30 Chart way back on June 15th at #24. Due to Justin’s strong fanbase,  the song quickly jumped to #15 on the July 1st Chart - By the time our July 15th  Chart was tabulated, we noticed a trend developing as the song moved to the #9 spot.  Then an exciting turn happened, as a huge influx of new listener votes began coming in from our international audiences on our August 1st Charts when “For The Love Of God” jolted to the #6 spot - the top 5 songs at the time were very, very strong and held “For The Glory Of God” from breaking the top 5 by a mere 3 points. Voting ramped up again for all the songs, bringing us our highest numbers to that point, and on the August 15th Chart, Justin’s song finally broke into the #5 position. On the September 1st Chart “For The Glory Of God” inched its way up to #3.  Thanks to another international voting surge of new fans,  on September 15th Chart  Justin Warren/“For The Glory Of God” claimed the #1 position. We were certainly happy for Justin, though we really weren’t sure it would happen due to the caliber of artists and songs that we’re creeping up all around him, but Justin held his own and prevailed. On the new October 1st Chart, with our largest voter numbers ever, “For The Glory Of God” once again defied all the odds and held the #1 position for a second cycle.  It has been a long journey, but it was so worth the outcome, with thousands of votes & comments, with many souls reached.  Justin’s newest release “Mile Marker 22”  has moved to #13 this cycle, and there’s a lot happening for him these days.  We know wherever Justin goes, it will always be  “For The Glory Of God” - Congratulations Justin.

#2  Ross King/"Like Jesus"

Holding strong at #2 again this cycle is Ross King/”Like Jesus”, which also claimed the Top International Votes!  “Like Jesus” is a song that expresses accepting Jesus completely and honestly. It is best explained by the singer/songwriter himself, Ross King who wrote this on his Facebook page, Ross King writes:  “This one (Like Jesus) speaks more honestly and vulnerably about following Jesus than any song I can ever remember writing or releasing… I hope it blesses you and fills you with new curiosity and deeper longing for the Way, the Truth, and the Life – the Lyrics to the chorus of the song are very telling: “I refuse to pick and choose, The parts of Jesus that are easiest To bow down to, And I won't use His name in vain to prove, Who I want Him to be, That's just idolatry,  I wanna be like Jesus, I don't want Him to be like me” -  “Like Jesus” has been a curious song for us, as some absolutely love the message, and others end up struggling within their own spiritual walk stumbling over justification - we’ve even been asked “why we are playing it (yes, they were rude)?  Our answer is rather simple, God’s Music Today!  happens to find  the song “Like Jesus” refreshing, educational and scripturally sound, not to mention an all-round great song…  and our listeners love Ross King … oh, and God said so… We think that’s reason enough!

#3  Riley Clemmons/"Church Pew"

Making a surprise jump to #3 this cycle is Riley Clemmons/”Church Pew”.  Surging up from the #10 spot to #3, “Church Pew” hit home for many of our listeners.  Riley Clemmons beautifully delivers this song and message. It’s a bit overwhelming to ponder what stories those church pews could tell, as so much is silently delivered, but then again, there are also those moments that are not so silent! -  Life and death situations, pain, praise, sorrow, joy, grace, mercy… the list is endless, and God hears every word. “Church Pew” received many comments this cycle. Here’s a few of those  comments; Carolyn Oswald of Palm Beach Gardens, FL USA wrote: “I remember my Grandma saying, “if those pews could talk”, it brought back all kinds of memories”. -  Lena Kemper of Dresden, Germany shared this:  “so many chapters of my own I’ve left in those pews, beautiful song!” – and from Sean Perrine of Louisville, KY USA: “I can’t imagine my life without the time spent in those pews”  - A lot of folks echoed this sentiment as well.

#4  Evan Craft/"Good Neighbor"

Moving up one slot to #4 this cycle is Evan Craft’s “Good Neighbor” -  Last cycle when we were writing about this song’s message, we stated that “obviously God is trying to tell us something” - that comment hit some raw nerves out there and sparked a lot of comments. “Good Neighbor” took the Top Commented this cycle. We’re just going to show you some of the many, many comments we received. Moira Donnelly of Toms River, NJ USA wrote: “I've noticed these days that everyone seems angry, our role as God’s children is to be vessel of God’s love, Christian's can make the difference, wonderful song” - Lewis Whitman from Ontario, CA USA commented: “sometimes it’s certainly not easy to be a good neighbor, but it’s always necessary, even if people are rude, we must show Christ through our actions”Amodi Malan from Stellenbosch, South Africa wrote: “as Christians, we are Ambassadors of the Christ, we need to always be hope for the hopeless ” - Joe Williston of Portland, ME USA: “years ago my Youth Pastor used to tell us “ you may be the only Bible someone will read, just be kind” he was so right, people need more of that”Ann K. from Raleigh, NC USA stated: “our world needs Jesus, being a good neighbor is a good start”.  We agree.  

#5 Phil King & People & Songs/"Worry"

Jumping six spaces to #5 this is cycle is Phil King & People & Songs/”Worry” -  Ok, so let’s just lay it out there, we ALL have lived this song. Sometimes we all worry about worrying too much, and it never helps. When we first heard “Worry”, we knew that everyone could relate… and relate they did. Lisa Goodman of Orlando, FL USA wrote: “WORRY?? ME?? LOL!! Awesome song” and Tomas Demarco of Port Royal, VA USA said: “this song has become my new anthem!” and Juanita Rico from San Antonio, TX USA shared: “ I often wonder how much I could have accomplished if I hadn’t wasted so much time worrying about things God already handled? Great song!”.  Let’s see what the Bible says on this subject -  Matthew 6:34 says: “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” and Philippians 4:6-7 says: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”. So, worrying is a waste of your time, when you should be praising God’s name knowing he has already handled it – 1 Peter 5:7 says: : “Send all your worries to him, because he cares for you”. “Worry” is a relevant song with a very encouraging message to say the least – Phil King does some great songs,, and he’s probably released another 3 since we wrote this… ok, no worries …we’ll get right on that. lol 

* "Most Requested/Charts" are compiled, and then posted the 1st & the 15th of each month - All Votes must be in 4 days prior the 1st & 15th of each cycle - Late votes will carry over to the next cycle.

5 Songs Resurging

Terrian/"Big God"
11th Hour/"He Still Does"

Karen Peck & New River/"Answer Is Jesus"
"Apollo LTD/"Soul Worth Saving"
Caleb & John/"Hallelujah Feeling"


#21 - Tasha Layton/"I Lay It Down"
#25 - Justin Gambino./"Mercy"
#26 - JJ Weeks/"Faith Is Found"
#27 - Mark Bishop/"I Met Somebody On
The Way To The Cemetery"

#28 - CAIN/"Jesus Music"

#30 - Brandon Lake/"Coat Of Many Colors"






What Happened To That Song???  It’s a question that we’ve been getting lately. Simply,  the Chart positions are all listener controlled - with that said, the most common reason for a song to fall down or off the chart is that the Artist has multiple releases, and they end up competing with their own songs. Listeners find it difficult deciding which one is their favorite(s) - Listeners can vote for multiple songs by the same artist, but rarely do. We too hate seeing a great song drop or disappear simply because of multiple choices by the same Artist released too closely together -  We hope this answers the question.

NOTE: We here at "God's Music Today!" don't really like Charts. We believe that each song is important in that "if it touches one soul, it's the best song ever!". Every musical creation that has been created to uplift, praise and promote the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is a winner to us. With that said, we rank our current list by the "most requested songs" compiled through emails & texts from all over the world. So it's important when reviewing the Artists & Songs listed,  that you consider all different cultures, the different styles of preferred music, and most importantly the message it brings - No, it's not technical, simply, it is what our listeners like.     

Who's Bubbling

Under The Top 30

Fast Moving

Adrianna Acosta - "Counting My Blessings"

AOH Music/"Fall On Me"

Brooke Nicholls/"To Him Who Is Able


Caleb & John/"Nothing But The Goodness"

David Leonard/"All Because Of You"

Daniel Doss/"There's A Day A Comin”


Jena Brancart/"God In Every Moment" 

Jordan Janzen/"You Can Let Go"


Jeremy Camp/"Here With You"


Jeremy Rosado/"Come And See"


Leah Paschall/"Only In Jesus


Matt Hammitt/"Numb"



Pat Barrett/"Better Hands"


Patrick Mayberry/"Lead On Good Shepherd"


Riley Clemmons/"Jesus Cries"


Terry Bell/"Help Is On The Way"


Todd Tilghman /"Still to Come"


Unspoken/"Help Me God"

Mark 16:15 -  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

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