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"God's Music Today!" | 24/7 Christian Music Radio

About Us

God's Music Today! - Logo
"God's Music Today!" - 'God's Music from the Frontlines' was officially launched in late 2021 on our sister network, the BGM Life Network broadcasting on Live365 Radio as a 60 minute show featuring today's Christian Music from all different genres. "God's Music Today" was created and hosted by Program Director Nick Finn to compliment and work in harmony with the teaching and scripture offerings on the BGM Life Network. The show quickly became quite popular garnering an international audience. After finding the need to offer the music portion 24/7 to reach as many souls as possible, in June 2022 "God's Music Today!" launched as it's own stand alone 24/7 Christian music network on Live365 Radio. Because of it's birth from the BGM Life Network, they share the same Mission goals (Mark 16:15) 

"God's Music Today!" on Live365 Radio programs 24/7 nonstop Christian music from today's Contemporary Christian, Southern Gospel, Traditional Gospel, Praise & Worship, Christian Country, World Christian Music & Classic Christian Music offerings as well as other special music programming.  (read our 
Mission Statement here

Mark 16:15 -  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

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