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Mark 16:15 -  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

It's quite simple, music meets you where you are in your life. When God is present in the song, the effects are life changing. I personally know first hand the power of music - anointed musicians, singers and songwriters brought me to Christ. Certainly there were authors, teachers, reading the Word and much more - but initially for me, it was the music. Many times, music is God's way of reaching stubborn souls. There is divine power in a song that delivers God's love, and it does meet you where you are. I love all styles. When God is in the music, no explanation is needed. I remember listening to a Christian music group  from China singing in Chinese - I didn't understand what they were saying, but I could feel the depth of where it was coming from, and the Holy Spirit moving.

In these current uncertain times, I believe that as Christians, we will continue to become more and more oppressed and negated  - we are living in dire times and we need to use "all the armor of God to get us through". I consider the Christian Music artist as being "Musical Warriors" playing music on the frontlines in the ongoing battle for the cause of Christ - not unlike preachers, missionaries and the like. Music strengthens, encourages and uplifts. The ultimate goal is to support our frontline Warriors for Christ and to bring as many souls to Christ as possible in the short time we have left on this world.

- Godspeed -

Nick Finn - God's Music Today! 

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