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On December 9, 2020  our sister network, The BGM Life Network was launched on Live/365 Radio,  broadcasting 24/7 - "Bringing God's Message" - "Some Thru The Fire" the successful radio show hosted by the network founder Susan Ladd,  moved to the new network as the main anchor bringing it's long established and loyal listeners.  Susan's Producer, Nick Finn became Program Director of the BGM Life Network and subsequently added music programming to balance and enhance the teaching. The additions included an un-hosted  "Hymns" show (Just The Hymns),  and the 60 minute retro show "Classic Christian Rewind/CCR" created &  hosted by Nick Finn - As the BGM Life Network gained momentum and it's international listenership continued to rapidly expand, the network decided to add another teaching life show to the roster (Steve McCuin/For Your Inspiration), and in late 2021, an hour long  music show was added highlighting today's Christian music artist's from all the different Genres' called "God's Music Today!". In 2022 BGM Life Network proudly added the "BGM Life Network Special Presentations" of the Billy Graham Classics. BGM Life Network offers a great mix of teaching, a true delivery of  Scripture, and music from Hymns of old, to today's hits all to reach as many souls as possible. - In August of 2023 "Simply Southern Gospel" was added.   Click the logo on the left to learn more about and visit our sister network the BGM Life Network and give it a listen.
We thank you for your continued prayers and support -
God has truly blessed us - Amen

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Mark 16:15 -  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

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